So, you want to use TikTok to grow some of your social channels? No problem!

FIRST…Add Your Instagram and YouTube Profiles to Your TikTok Profile

Go ahead and open your TikTok profile and add links to your Instagram profile and YouTube channels in your TikTok profile so it’s easy for people to access your other accounts.

To do this simply go to your TikTok profile and tap on Edit Profile. At the bottom of the Edit Profile screen, you’ll find fields where you can add links to Instagram and YouTube. Tap on Instagram, log in with your Instagram account, and then do the same with your YouTube account. You’ll need to grant authorization to TikTok to receive information about your accounts.

NOW… AND THIS IS A BIG ONE – repurpose those TikTok Videos to your Instagram Reels and YouTube Channels!

TikTok offers many more features than platforms like Instagram Reels. We recommend that you create your content on TikTok first and then repurpose it for your other channels. This allows you to take advantage of TikTok’s unique features, as well as use original sounds from TikTok on other platforms.

When you repurpose content for Instagram Reels, your videos need to be less than 30 seconds because that’s the maximum length for reels. We have found that Reels are performing incredibly well for our clients!

Repurposing content you’ve created on TikTok for Reels does come with a couple of issues that are a little cringy!

First, make sure there aren’t any TikTok-specific mentions in those videos and that the watermark is removed or you will be dinged by Insta – If you want to remove the TikTok watermark from your video, you can do it with an app called Video Eraser. It’s available for free in app. All you do is upload the video to the app, choose the option to remove the watermark, and then save it to your phone.

Second – if your TikTok video uses music that is protected under copyright, you will not be able to upload it to Instagram. So, when you save it, you need to add the music in on Instagram separately.

MENTION TO YOUR VIEWERS THAT YOU WANT THEM to Follow You on Instagram and YouTube!

Now that you have successfully added your Instagram account to your TikTok profile, you also need to direct the people to follow you there. So, one idea would be that when you’re creating a video for TikTok, add fun text that says, “Follow Me on Instagram @37mmg”. (but use your own handle – feel free to use ours if you really want to! Haha)

Otherwise, make sure you repeat to them, if you are speaking of course, to follow you on Instagram and YouTube. Do some fun contests for followers and include giveaways – folks love free stuff!

37MMG TIP: How to Save all of Your TikTok Videos to Your Phone

To save a TikTok video you’ve already published to your phone, open that video on TikTok and tap on the three dots on the right side of the screen. From the pop-up, choose the option to save the video to your phone. There’s an option to automatically save any future TikTok videos you create to your phone. Turn on this setting the next time you post a video. When you get to the publish screen, make sure the setting “Save to Device” is turned ON.