Annie Dineen

Content Creator

“Annie is a DC native with nearly a decade of eclectic experience in connecting people and projects to people who will love them but just don’t know it yet.

In New York, she managed a recording artist while studying music business at NYU. In Nashville, she was nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce for her media outlet The Shotgun Seat, which profiled new artists and behind-the-scenes hitmakers. She’s worked with entities including an Irish dance school, boutique clothing labels, a comedian, and a political policy startup to find the best ways to connect them to their larger audience. During the pandemic, she partnered with the Scherzer family on an initiative to provide masks and fight food insecurity in DC, which garnered $88,000, over 3,000 donated masks, and countless hours of community service by Nationals fans in the community.

Annie’s favorite things include baseball games, strong coffee, Van Morrison songs, that feeling after you didn’t die in a bootcamp workout, and videos of cats being offered broccoli (seriously hilarious, look it up).”