Andrea Lamont

Project Manager/Graphic Design

Andrea Lamont was born in D.C. and raised in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. She attended Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES) where she obtained a BFA in Visual Communications Design. After graduating from Tech, she married her high school sweetheart and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio for several years where she began her career as a graphic designer. Upon moving back to Virginia, Andrea decided to take some time off from the professional world to start a family and stay home with her kids. During that time, she continued to design on the side (mostly logo design/branding as that is her specialty) and became a children’s book author of the book, The Magic Friendship Rock.

Andrea lives and breathes all things 80s pop culture, so you may occasionally find her rocking out to 80s music videos in her free time; her favorite colors are black and leopard (leopard is considered a color, right?); but most importantly, she loves adventuring in the backyard with her kids going on rock hunts and using their imaginations.